FanMail FAQ’s

What is a Value Card?
Value cards, also known as promotional gift cards, feature a dollar amount good towards the purchase of products and/or services from the business featured on the card.

Is there a cost to use my Value Cards?
There is no upfront fee to use your cards. Your cards are complimentary for you to use from our local business partners.

Does using the cards require a membership?
Membership is not required to use your promotional gift cards.

Can I give my cards to my friends, family members or colleagues to use?
Yes! Please pass them along if you don’t intend to purchase a particular product and/or service.

How long do I have to redeem them?
An expiration date is noted on the back of your promotional gift card. Please redeem on or before this expiration date.

When can I start using my promotional gift cards?
Please activate your cards at home page and present to our local business partner at time of purchase.

What is FanMail Direct?
To learn more about FanMail Direct.